Nitrogen Enrichment System With Membrane Technology
  Nitrogen enrichment system with membrane technology

Characteristics of performance and applications

        ●Purity of nitrogen: 85-99.9%
        ●Capacity of nitrogen production: 0.5-5000Nm3/h
        ●Equipped with oxygen-removal system by chemical catalysis simultaneously resulting in the nitrogen purity of 99.9999%.
        ●No phase change during separation process. Low pressure lost of nitrogen
        ●Easy operation, no moving parts, stable and continuous working without maintenance
        ●Flexible operation. Adjustable nitrogen concentration and flow rate tailored to customer's needs
        ●Easy and quick start/shutdown. Stable product gas within several minutes after start
        ●Low operating cost, small occupied area. Long working life of membrane modules
        ●Supply oxygen-enriched gas with maximum purity of 50% at the same time