Helium Separation Membrane
  Technical introduction

        Our company has been committed to the development of helium extraction and purification technology for more than ten years, and has successfully developed the "membrane separation + pressure swing adsorption coupling technology". At present, this technology can be used to extract and purify helium from helium poor natural gas (containing he:0.05%~0.1%), and the purity of product helium can reach more than 99.999% (mol%).

        Compared with the traditional cryogenic method, the process technology route of "membrane separation + pressure swing adsorption coupling technology" has many advantages, such as high efficiency, low energy consumption, low investment, small land occupation, simple operation, long operation cycle, etc. this technology can be widely used in the extraction and refining of helium in natural gas with different helium content, especially in occasions with low helium content and no requirements for cogeneration of LNG, and has irreplaceable competitive advantages.

  Natural gas helium extraction process

  Performance index  

       The purity of helium in the product is ≥ 99.999% (mol), and the recovery rate of natural gas helium can reach more than 90%.