About TBM

Main Products

N2-H2 separation membrane: mainly used in H2 recovery from purge gas in ammonia synthesis process; H2 recovery from purge gas in methanol synthesis process; Gas ratio of H2 and CO; H2 recovery from H2 –containing tail gas in refinery plants; Two-stage H2 concentration in hydrogenation process with H2 concentration of 99.5%; All of the above can obtain excellent economic and social benefits.

Volatile Organic Components membrane: mainly used in petroleum and chemical industry, recovery system of propylene monomer, ethylene monomer, butylene, liquid gas, oil gas, vinyl chloride monomer and methane chloride etc.

Oxygen enrichment membrane: wide applications in coal\gas\oil furnace for combustion-supporting and energy-saving systems; medical treatment and health care; air conditioner with oxygen enrichment; plateau oxygenation.

Nitrogen enrichment membrane: mainly used in tertiary oil recovery in oil field; nitrogen protection and transportation in chemical industry; gas-control for agriculture products.

Helium separation membraneFor extracting helium from helium containing natural gas

CO2 separation membrane:Mainly used to remove CO2 and H2S from natural gas. Biogas separation

Ultrafiltration membrane: mainly used in pretreatment of RO system; pyrogen elimination of drinking water and liquid medicine.