Recovery Of Volatile Organic Components
  Recovery of Volatile Organic Components

Application fields of VOC recovery membrane

        ●Recovery of propylene monomer from off-gas of polypropylene production
        ●Recovery of propylene derivative
        ●Recovery of ethylene\ butene\ pentane\ hexane from off-gas of polyethylene production
        ●Recovery of ethylene derivatives
        ●Recovery of methyl chloride monomer
        ●Recovery of light hydrocarbon from off-gas of catalytic reforming
        ●Recovery of associated gas from gas station

Characteristics of performance

        ●High recovery rate of above 90%
        ●Small investment in equipment. Short investment payback period of 3-12 months.
        ●Flexible operation system (50-200%)
        ●Low operating cost.
        ●Small occupied area. Easy to expand and integrate with other processes.
        ●No secondary pollution. Zero-emission.