About TBM

Address of Director

As we cross into the 21st century, the membrane technology and advancing technology are converging, exciting worldwide market and interest. Our version is clear and simple - to be the technology leader providing total solutions to facilitate membrane separation for businesses in homeland. 

With over 40 years of experiences and persistent effort of several generations on MT research, TBM not only brings about a number of significant achievement to contribute to the national economic processes, but also cultivate an excellent team of MT professionals with unique enterprise spirit and upstanding culture. 

TBM is approved by NPC as a NERC of membrane technology. It is a hi-tech enterprise. I am sure that all of TBM staff will continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of innovation, progress, harmony and sincerity, to strengthen collaboration of enterprises home and overseas, to exploit the MT market and make more innovative achievement on membrane sci-tech. 

I wish TBM a brilliant future and that it will become a leading MT partner in China. 

The First Director of NERC 
Former Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences