About TBM


Tianbang National Engineering Research Center of Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. (TBM)

Authorized by National Development and Reform Commission and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianbang National Engineering Research Center of Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. (TBM) is registered in National Industry & Commerce Bureau and specially engaged in R&D of membrane separation technology and manufacture of membrane separation products as a high-tech enterprise. 

The TBM Company, grew out of R&D Center of Membrane Engineering of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics(DICP), is jointly invested by DICP and China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd. in 2000. With more than 40 years of R&D experiences on membrane technology, TBM has obtained many outstanding research achievements, patents and awards. 

TBM holds advanced production lines of membrane products for gas and liquid separation, leading the membrane industrialization technology level in China. N2-H2 separation membrane modules and units, the leading product of TBM,have been applied to more than 600 petroleum and chemical plants. Volatile organic components (VOC) recovery membrane modules and units have been promoted rapidly and also the O2 and N2 enrichment membrane technology. Hollow fiber Ultrafiltration membranes, developed also for more than 40 years, have been used in more than 200 plants.

With fruitful technology progresses in membrane R&D, TBM enjoys a high reputation in China and abroad. As a National Engineering Research Center, TBM is going to intensify the development of new products and separation processes, strengthen applied research that aims at national long-term objective and market demand to maintain sustainable development, and scale up industrialization of the membrane technology.

Take membrane technology as the core, integrate various separation technologies, provide customers with  complete sets of separation technology solutions, and make important contributions to improving the national industrial competitiveness.