Oxygen Enrichment System With Membrane Technology
  Oxygen enrichment system with membrane technology

Application fields of oxygen enrichment membrane

        ●Glass furnace, concrete furnace, pottery furnace
        ●Industrial boiler, heating furnace, smelting furnace
        ●Oxygenate reaction, biological fermentation
        ●Medical treatment and health care
        ●Air conditioner with oxygen enrichment

Advantages of oxygen enrichment and combustion-supporting system with membrane technology

Adopting patent technologies of "partial oxygen enhancement", "gradient combustion" and "symmetrical combustion" to achieve:

        ●Enhance flame temperature
        ●Reduce gas displacement
        ●Increase heat utilization rate, obvious effect of energy saving.
        ●Decrease excess air coefficient.
        ●Save 6-18% of energy, improve 3-15% of production capacity and increase quality grade of product for glass furnace
        ●Save 5-20% of energy for industrial boiler