°°°° After foundation of the company in 2000, TBM purchased advanced instruments and equipments for R&D, manufacture and engineering development.

£ŘSpinning Line£› £ŘAir Conditioner£› £ŘWaste Treatment£› £ŘPurewater System£›
£ŘAnalysis Center£› £ŘQuality Control£›

£ŘSpinning Line£›°°  

Spinning line
Introduced first-class spinning line with multiple spinnerets

Meet the requirment of temperature and humidity during production.
£ŘWaste Treatment£›  

Sewage water treatment
Sewage water treatment during the production. Water can be recycled to the spinning line and no polution to the discharge.
Exhaust gas treatment
Exhaust gas treatment during the production. No organic vapors vented to the air.
£ŘQuality Control£›°°  

£ŘPurewater System£›°°  

RO water system
With UF and RO technology, this system provide pure water to production lines.
Ion-exchange water system
£ŘAnalysis Center £›  

Scaning electron microscope
Analysis Center
One of the best analysis center on membrane field.